《Rock of Ages》

《Rock of Ages》

《Rock of Ages》——一部被《Time Out New York》杂志形容为“疯狂爆笑”的轰动演出,其中共有 28 首红极一时的摇滚金曲——正在威尼斯人酒店火热上演。

《Rock of Ages》以 1987 年声名狼藉的洛杉矶日落大道为背景,讲述了来自南底特律的男孩 Drew 和小镇姑娘 Sherrie 共同追逐梦想,最终取得成功并坠入爱河的故事。 《ROCK OF AGES》将带您回到自信爆棚、留着爆炸头的吉他手们满怀热情弹奏吉他的年代! 演出在欢乐温馨的爱情故事中穿插了不少上世纪 80 年代的经典摇滚歌曲,如脍炙人口的《Every Rose Has Its Thorn》、《I Wanna Know What Love Is》、《Here I Go Again》、《Dont Stop Believin》等。

立即订购这场摇滚音乐盛会的演出门票。门票可通过任意威尼斯人或帕拉索酒店售票处订票或致电 702.414.9000 / 866.641.7469 订购。  10 人及以上 团体 请致电: 866.633.0195 或 866.641.7469

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《Rock of Ages》影院

2015 年 1 月 3 日至 12 月 20 日晚上 8:00

购票者必须前往预售零售处取票,届时需要出示有效的政府签发带照片身份证件、订票确认编号以及付款时使用的信用卡原件。 所有门票一经售出不可退款或转让。

《Rock of Ages》
《Rock of Ages》
《Rock of Ages》
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"Exceeded my expectations!" 2015-05-25T14:25:47-0400 I've heard great things about the show so my expectation level was high... And the show delivered. Fun and full of energy. It went by surprisingly fast... Not once did I check the time or wondered h...
"I didn't get it" 2015-05-24T15:32:02-0400 I love rock 'n roll in Vegas shows but the show was poor at its best. I felt as though I was watching a high school musical. The. Cast is small but when you do a Vegas show people want to see Vegas ...
"Great show, good cast" 2015-05-24T05:02:26-0400 Went to this as my friend is into rock but I'm not. I had to say that I really enjoyed it, had a fab time and really got into it. Great song choices, good amount of cheese and some classic hits! Must ...
"So Much Fun" 2015-05-22T21:16:33-0400 Great show with great music. I remembered all the lyrics and sang along. Bon Jovi's Wanted Dead or Alive will never be the same for me. The narrator was the best. We even got upgraded to second ro...
"Rock Down Memory Lane" 2015-05-22T00:15:15-0400 Great show, amazing cast and awesome band! Love Rock? This show is for YOU - it will take you on a fun trip down memory lane - where you will find yourself singing along, clapping and laughing and.....


《Rock of Ages》以欢乐为主题,但您应该了解某些服装、舞蹈及台词可能不适宜 14 岁以下儿童观看(14 岁以下儿童必须在成人陪同下观看)。 记住,如果您携带孩子一同观看,他们将领略到您年轻时代尽情摇滚的风姿。

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